So I have been loving my Summit, most amazing RC car there is, best of all, I have been racing my friends nitro trucks: TMaxx, Muggy etc... and have destroyed them off road. In fact, I went off road with my buddy tonight who own a new T-Maxx, and I was able to go up everything several times, and he almost made it up once. Sad thing is, he was working on his T-Maxx (nitro) half the time just trying to keep it running, putting gas in it, flipping it right side up etc.. I LOVE THIS Summit!!! Nothing has been able to compare to it.

My question is, tonight, after running it strong, all the sudden there was a drastic change in power and speed, it slowed to a bear minimum. Then eventually the motor stopped all together, though the lights stayed on and steering was working just fine. So, I thought to myself, I guess the batteries are dying, normal behavior. Odd thing was, I didn't hear my lva going off in my EVX-2. Well, I carried it into the garage, and was curious to see what the voltage was on my Onyx charger for the batteries. One battery showed 6.58 volts, and the other one showed 7.45 volts.

I know I am ignorant on this subject, learning as I go, but how does this work? I may have voltage but I have run through all my mah? Or am I wrong? Should the truck still run considering I have so much voltage?

I took the shell off the truck, and my EVX-2 was blinking red, not solid green like it usually is with the Lipo batteries in it. By the way, for those that dont know, I am running spc's 8000mah lipo batteries.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.