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    Watch your QR1 in the wind

    I've flown mine inside a lot and outside in calm conditions. It's been banged around pretty well with probably 18 to 20 charges through it and no failures other than the bottom of arm housings popping loose from their clip. I've read that 1 wrap of electrical tape prevents this. Went out in moderately gusty winds today. The wind caught it and lifted it way up with power cut. Had to chase it across half a cow pasture and almost couldn't find it. Be careful in the wind. Happy holidays to all and hope we're still here on 12/22.

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    Ya iv done that sort of when I had my mcx I got bored so I went outside and wanted to see how high it goes....didn't find that out but I did find my heli in a tree about 6 houses (wih big yards) away from where I was haha it and everything worked fine!

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