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    Separate charger and balancer

    I have a Thunder TP610c with the battery equalizer. It works great, but the user's manual is horrible and it's a PIA to program for a novice like me. I finally got fed up and bought a Intellipeak Ice based on reading many reviews. Up to this point, I have just been using them for NiMH for my boy's Stampedes and my nitro heli. But I want to get into LiPO batteries and have zero experience using/charging them. The Ice doesn't have an equilizer, but the TP610c does. My question is this.... can I charge with the Ice, but only use the TP610c to equalize at the same time, or does the TP610c have to be charging to use its equalizer?

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    No, That is very dangerous too use two different chargers. Or even the same, unless it has an expansion mode and even then, it has to be the same model charger.
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