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Thread: qr-1 battery?

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    qr-1 battery?

    hey just a quick question for any one that bought both the qr-1 and dr-1. how much modification do you think it would take to fit that 450mah pack to the qr-1? and do you have a weight difference between the two packs? any help is thanked :-)

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    I personally don't own both, but I am only 100% positive that the DR-1 battery is quite a bit larger than the QR-1. The cage in which the QR-1 battery fits isn't really 'modable.' I believe due to the fact the battery is larger, even if you were able to cut, super glue, and squeeze a DR-1 battery in, it would throw off the balance of the QR-1 because of the extra weight on the back end. This is all just and educated guess from my battery knowledge so I apologize if it is wrong, but that is what I'm thinking the issues might be. Also going straight off off the pictures posted by traxxas, the DR-1 battery is more square, the mod would have to include widening the battery compartment of the QR-1 but due to the ventilation areas and areas that actually connect the bottom of the compartment to the top of the QR-1, you'd drastically reduce the structural integrity of the hull itself.
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    I used a helicopter landing gear lightly glued to the sides of the shell to attach a 450mah battery. I tried to be very careful with positioning, but I didn't get the balance just right and took it off. You might try to simply use velcro on the bottom of the shell and on the battery which would allow you to move the battery position around. I thought about this but haven't tried it.

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