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    Will the SC8 roll cage fit on the Slayer pro 4x4?

    I was just wondering. I really like the look of the 5ive T's rollcage and i was wondering if this SC8 cage will fir on the Slayer pro 4x4? Do any of you guys know if it will??
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    It's highly doubtful that it will fit. The mounting points are most likely completely different.

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    If you are willing to do some modding, I think it will fit. I am retrofitting one to fit on my Emaxx/short course project and its very close. IIRC, the slayer is even longer than the Emaxx, so it should be an even closer fit. I won't have any time to work on my car these next few days with Christmas, but if you are still interested I can post pics of the fit when I get around to working on it again...
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