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    Motor went out what to do?

    Just had my motor go out after about 7 months. Wondering witch route to go, back to the stock, or go brushless? If so what motor is good?

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    i have heard that if you have a traxxas motor they will send a new one for free and if you wanted to upgrade it all you have to do is send in your stuff and pay alittle bit for a upgrade. not sure though.

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    Im pretty sure if you called traxxas youd get another one but, for about $35 you can pick up a Dewalt 14.4 motor. They are the best upgrade for a summit if you want to retain its waterproof capabilities. Takes a little bit of modding to get it to work, nothing you cant do with a dremel though. Very easy. Heres a thread on my install... it should help.

    Paves Dewalt 14.4 install

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    Thats fairly quick. Theres guys on here that have had them keep going for a year or 2.
    If you like a tiny bit of modding and soldering go with the 14.4v dewalt. Cheap and long lasting upgrade.
    If you want to spend a fair bit of money buy a brushless setup (unless you already have one). others will give you insight of which brushless system. Expensive and IMO propbably not the best upgrade for the summit.
    But if you want a quick replacement and hardly any downtime buy a new titan 775. In the meantime buy a dewalt and swap it out.
    IMO it would be your great chance to switch to a 14.4v dewalt.
    I still run the titan 775 but others that have the dewalt upgrade only seem to be able to give good comments about it.
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    Traxxas does not warranty their brushed motors beyond the 30 days from purchase.
    Also, they do not have a brushless system to "Power Up" to that is worthy enough to be in a Summit... lol

    DeWALT is what I consider a perfect upgrade... about the same cost as a replacement 775 yet so much more power.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    If you were happy with the Titan the dewalt will be a nice upgrade. When my Titan gives up that's what I'll be ordering.

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