I picked up a slash VXL a few weeks ago on craigslist for $115, it needed some love the shocks were dry, a suspension pin was missing and the steering knuckles were full of play, one of them cracked, but on the bright side the VXL-3M was brand new and it doesn't get hot. After a quick teardown and adding the rally bumper and body posts it was looking like a well built machine, it still has the slash springs and it does not have the suspension travel limiting spacers, using tires from my 4-tec it handles well on the street but it still can roll over cornering hard, I think I want to add sway bars, stiffer springs and shorten suspension travel, either with the spacers or more preferably if short travel rockers are available I think they SHOULD do better work, I lowered my ride height by just backing out the pre-load so I think the springs are too soft, so there is body roll. Also the body I painted is kind of a 1/16 model of my 2005 ford focus only it's 7 years newer lol

under the lid I put the VXL and receiver in a battery box

a google image of my ford focus, key difference from the 1/16 2012 body is the headlight and tail lights