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    Question NATO wheelie bar

    Can someone show or link to detailed instructions on how to mount a jato wheelie bar to the nitro stampede. I keep seeing the fiinished product but curious how it is done. Thanks !!!

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    Look at the pics I have posted up in the gallery here at the top. Its not hard. Place the wheelie bar on the rear brace center it all the way to the front so it has better strength to the rear plate OK then keep it centered and drill 4 holes where the jato wheelie bar is and use only 2 of the jato supplied screws then 2 longer as I had to use. Has worked great. Though I am selling my pede in parts lots I still very much enjoy the pede.
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    forget the jato bar.. the wheels are to close together and will cause alot of accidents during wheelies

    checkout this post i made last year of a wheelie bar mod i did with a wheelie bar made for the electric version of the stampede..

    it has a VERY sturdy mounting bracket... and it has an adjustable wheelie bar that can be raised and lowered for better control in wheelies and superior recovery.. with wheel that are a decent length apart and fairly think hard rubber...

    i added a couple quickly and easily modded shocks to give the wheelie bar its own suspension for shock absorbtion and better and easier recoveries during wheelies and jumps

    check it out!&daysprune=-1
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