Yesterday I built a mini slash. Got all of the parts off one of those online chop shops really cheap. It turned out nice. I'm posting a build thread tomarrow. All stock, but still a fun build. It was my first from the ground up. The only thing I'm not happy with is the wheel/tire combo. So I did some looking around and found a thread on here from 2009, where someone used the old style rear rustler rims. And they look good. So now I just need to figure out some tires to use and was curious what all you expierienced slash vxl guys like. Any suggestions? The guy used these tires which I like, but figured I'd see if there might be something better out there. I do on and off road, mud, whatever. I guess I'm loooking for a good all around tire with a little more surface area than the stock ones I have. Any imput would be greatly apreciated!!