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    Got problems here!

    Hey i got an Traxxas e-revo 1/16 in christmas present and discovered some problems...

    1. When i'm going to go backwards i need to press the drive thing 2 times and then it go backwards, (and on long range it only works to go forward) sometimes the backward doesnt work too!

    And now the second problem, when im turning the controller off and the car still running the wheels start to move around and then it stops.

    And yea 1 more thing, can i drive in the snow and dont need to worry about water?

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    welcome to the forum.

    1. yes double click for reverse. you dont want to be racing down the road, and accidentally hit reverse. it would not be good for any speed control, or rc at high speed.

    do you have the brushed merv. or brushless. cause the brushed i think has the old 27mhz radio. stay closer to revo with that radio.

    in rcs turn on radio first, then the car. when done driving shut off car first, then radio. always do this or your car will run away.

    most all new mini revos are waterproof. yes it will run covered in snow.

    plus this should be in the 1/16 mini revo forum.opps
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    Thank You so much you have just answered a couple of questions i needed answered also.

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