howdy yall! got me a few new toys over the holidays and i figured this is the perfect project to use as my test bed.

first new toy is my fujifilm s4500 camera which will be my new camera for everything, has exactly the features i need to shoot rc stuff, but just complicated enough that ill need most of a build thread to figure it out. yall will have to bare with me as i learn the camera. i hope to have perfect pictures by the time the build is complete.

the other new toy is, you guessed it, a parts lot traxxas trx1, bought it off gecko' sight-unseen.

this is my first 2.14 gearbox traxxas car and my first true traxxas race buggy since i gave up trying to piece a trx3 together 2 years ago. not sure where im going with this car, it may be an offroad buggy to play with, it may be a full blown oval car that i can use to battle it out with rc10's in our sportsman latemodel class. just gonna play it by ear, ive got everything i need to do either or. no custom chassis or flipped gearboxes this time around though, just a rear motor buggy with some basic changes to fit the style.

so rambling over, here is das car as i got it...mostly. only a hand full of screws holding it all together, a lot of it is simply sitting on the chassis. which aside from some errant holes is in decent shape. have not cracked open the gearbox yet but i know the diff needs a rebuild and the whole thing needs cleaning.