Havent played with my maxx in a while, due to the fridgid temperarures lately. Getting sick of looking at it and not enjoying it. I have two, one is a newer 2.5 that is all stock for my fiance, and one is an older 2.5 with a 3.3 and some goodies, which is mine.

The thought crossed my mind, to build something custom. A quick google search shows me people are doing it, so I figured I would compile my spare parts, spare time, and a little money and do it myself.

I like the looks of a short course truck like the SC8, Blitz, and Slash, so I am going to turn a maxx into one. It wont see a track, it is meerely a fun project to build and bash. Most of the parts are spares from my othet two maxxes.

It will be a slow project, but I will update here as I progress. I should have some pictures up in a little bit pf the begining stages.