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    QR-1 Questions

    Okay, so i've had the QR-1 for a couple days now and too my surprise, I am really enjoying it. I've never 'flown' anything before and I'm really liking how it feels in the air and the look of it.


    I am now having a couple issues in which I am unsure of what to do.

    Firstly - I can bank to the left perfectly and go forward perfectly, but when I try to go backwards as well as bank to the right, the copter barely moves. I am having more luck going backwards than I am banking to the right. When I go full right, I either still drift to the left or it takes forever for it to actually start going to the right and when it does, it barely goes anywhere. Any ideas???

    Secondly - I am having issues keeping it stable at all throttle speeds. It sounds like one motor is making a weird noise but I am unsure it if is just normal. Another issue is that when I am just incresaingly throttle it is VERY jittery. I have reset it numerous times on a known level surface, but once I reach about 50-60% throttle, it gets all shaky and banks hard left and due to the issue of not being able to bank back to the right, I can't regain control very easily. Any ideas of what to do? I know for a fact I will be unable to change a motor myself considering I can't solder to save my life and don't own a soldering iron. I am hoping it isn't a motor. Could it possibly be the blades? I am going to be buying lots of blades as soon as they come available anywhere. I am replaced the original blades with the extra set provided by traxxas but it didn't really help the problem.

    Any input would be greatly appreciate!
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