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    Lipo noob! Need help please!

    I just purchased my first electric rc car for xmas. It is a slash 2wd vlx. I have always had gas cars and decided to make the switch to electric. I have the traxxas 2-cell 4200 mah 7.4 volt battery. I also got a imex ac/dc charger. I really have questions about the charger but imex website dosent have anything about the charger. So i run my battery till it gets to the low voltage then when i charge it do i charge it to 7.4 volts or wat do i do? Does the charger tell you when its done or do you have to watch it? I dont know wat im doing but i want to learn. Any advice or tips will help and be appreciated. Thanks

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    the traxxas ez peak charger looks identical. You can download a instruction manual from the traxxas site.
    There are many diferent options with this charger and its not that intuitive. So you will have to read up. Welcome to the life of electronics.

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    Balance Charge it at 4.2 amps on a 2s setting(2s is 7.4 v nominal voltage).will be 8.40 volts when done.
    4.20 v per cell.should take about a hour

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    We'll certainly answer questions regarding your batteries as they are Traxxas--jamann is correct.
    If you have any questions regarding the charger you'll need to consult the manufacturer as Traxxas will not allow support for non-Traxxas products.
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