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    Throttle and Steering Problem?

    Short version:
    My Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 is having problem with the steering, it will turn fine to the right but when turning to the left it will hesitate before it turns fully, also it is giving a weird humming or buzzing sound. Once in a while it will also throttle itself, I was driving it when all of a sudden it will go full throttle for a few seconds, multiple times in a row. What should I do?

    I recently removed the lower chassis in which everything is screwed into. After putting it back together I noticed that there was a bit of a problem with the steering, it was turning fine to the right but when I turned it to the left it would only turn slightly. I proceeded to make the left and right by hand to possibly get it moving how it should. When turning it to the left now it will turn slightly, hesitate, and then turn all the way. It is also making a weird humming or buzzing sound. Also, it will go full throttle while driving for a few seconds multiple times in a row even if you're not even touching the remote. What should I do?

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    Is this a new 4-Tec you are having problems with? Do you have a 2.4 system or an older AM (long antenna) radio system?

    For the steering problem - first I would disconnect the servo horn / servo saver from the servo and make sure there is no binding in the steering, the wheels easily move from right to left. If there is no binding the I would suspect a problem with the servo, with the servo horn/servo saver still disconnected power up the receiver and transmitter and see if there is any hesitation in the servo as you turn back and forth from right to left. If there is possibly a broken gear tooth or two. You would have to take the servo out of the car to open it up to look for broken gears in the servo but replacement gears are cheap. If there are no broken gear teeth I would then suspect that you have a bad servo, if the 4-Tec is new give Traxxas customer service a call and I'm sure they will help you out.

    While you have the receiver and transmitter on check the throttle servo, cycle it from throttle and brake several times to see if it will go full throttle by it's self without the engine running. From your description of the problem it sounds like an AM radio glitch issue and these can be a bugger to diagnose. Nitro vehicles can have problems with metal parts vibrating together (metal on metal) that will create a glitch in the receiver making things go haywire. Check that all the screws are tight (use some blue Locktite thread lock on the screws), make sure that the antenna wire is neatly routed from the receiver to the antenna tube in the shortest path possible. Make sure the servos and battery connectors are fully plugged in. Make sure you have good batteries in the transmitter and receiver, fully charged if you are using a rechargeable receiver pack. If you have an AM transmitter make sure the antenna is fully screwed in and tight.

    That's all I can think of right now hope you find and cure the problem.
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