After about 10-15 years out of rc I'm back with my 9 y/o daughter. We tried a few of the cheap 2-ch heli's and my daughter loved it so i thought I would let her have a go at a entry hobbyist 4ch. I Bought 2 DR-1's (Couldn't let her have all the fun could I!!!).

I got to fly both first to trim the heli's out. They were surprisingly bad out of adjustment but was great fun flying and trimming them out ( See above for how long its been since I've flown lol ). Managed to get both DR's trimmed on the first battery and have a little fun (5-10 mins, depending on how you fly).

Now for difficulty of flight, 2 days and my daughter is flying hers around (She had only ever flown a Wal-mart 2-CH). Very impressive for an entry level, and flies and handles better than expected for its size, especially a Heli. There are only a few more items we need to crash into to before our crash list includes everything in the house (including operators...oops), but both helicopters have held up, with no breaks. The only break is on mine, I cracked the casing taking it off the first time to charge the battery, does not affect function (Planning on lots of crashes hehhe).

My only complaint about these (just the nature of technology btw) would be no recommendations on how many batteries to buy to achieve mostly sustained flight (Not including battery change time). Looking like 3 minimum+ per Heli atm btw, but depending on how you fly your mileage may vary.

In the end i have to say, I love these little guys. Thank you Traxxis.