Hi guys,I am wanting help to answer a couple questions I have about the Slash VXL 2wd version, i have
given Myself a budget of 200$. my questions are,

I want to make my slash go as fast as 50 mph, to do so i would need a 3s Lipo 23/86 11.1V battery
Would i need to change any gearing,if so is this mildly easy to do. i am a beginner with about 3 months
of experience, i have yet to open up the motor.

i am wanting a new stronger, maybe alloy chassis, as my chassis (Stock) has broken twice.
this is one of my choices, i dont know about anyone else out there, but this seems to be a good option?

now, my last question, Swing arms , I want blue alloy ones, but i was wondering who makes the best,
or if i should get certain ones.

- Thanks for your time
bonus pictures of my Slash now,