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    New Clear Body to Paint

    I got a great deal on a used Summit for my daughter and she got a new body for Christmas. Please post your tips/suggestions for prep and painting. There are no directions of any sort - just a sticker sheet. It appears that you paint the inside, not the outside. Do the stickers go on the outside after peeling off the protective coating? Thank to all.


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    Check YouTube for some great videos on how to paint.

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    Generally speaking you will want to trim the body and add the body post holes first.

    Wash the inside with warm soapy water and blow/dry with compressed air or a hair dryer.

    Use paint made for clear lexan bodies such as pactra NOT regular spray paint or krylon plastic fusion they aren't flexible enough and don't adhere well to the lexan body.

    Guys here have used adhesion promoter (bulldog?) available at auto parts store with really good results. This allows you to use regular spay paint and makes more colors available. I have yet to try this but am looking forward to it.

    Use included window masks on the inside that allow your windows to remain clear or tinted and apply other decals to the outside after the painting is complete and the protective film has been removed.

    Watch YouTube videos like mentioned before for more pointers. If you're gonna do a multi colored paint job think it through its often opposite than if you were going to paint the outside.

    Good luck

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