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    Can I put some big tires on my MERV

    I orderded some tall tires for my merv. They are 4.9 inches tall. On 2.2 proline rims. I'm running Nimh batteries in series and parallel either way depending on what I wanna to do at the time. I have the "high speed" drive gear from traxxas the one they say to use when in series. But I leave it on if I'm in series or parallel. Any possible problems? Or things to beware of?

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    Gear down to at least 20/55. More if you're in series. You'll need as much torque as you can get.

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    Do the 2.2's fit the tires that sound really odd and tall. Um with larger wheels gear down just keep an eye o. Temps and don't go to hard but still those tires seem huge can you post pics or something so we can see

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    A perfect size tire for the merv is 3.5" tall. 4.9 is way too tall! I would gear down as low as you can go then monitor the temp in your normal fashion of driving. Expect a loss of performance and hard load on the drivetrain

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    After all the gear reductions and the added height to the center of gravity, expect to be going about half as fast as you were before once you get heat issues under control.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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