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    T-maxx wheels only move when on the ground?

    Hello guys ive been having more problems with my t-maxx 2.5... When i lift it of the ground the wheels are like stuck and won't go forward but when i put it down the wheels go? It seems like it is not engaging because sometimes the wheels will like "catch" and will start to turn. What is wrong here?

    Also ive been having problems with it not running right in the winter. Do nitro engines need to be warm? i put tin foil around the head of it and i think it might help but it still doesn't have much power and doesn't like to run right. When i give it gas it likes to stutter then shut off? Or when i get it warmed up it still likes to not run well when i give it a lot of gas or just a little sometimes.. What should i do?

    Thanks for the help

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    the running issue is probally because of tune mess with that a little it dieing is probally cause its lean so richen it never lean it for temps
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    Your engine needs to be above 200F to run correctly.

    If your having trouble keeping it warm put some aluminum foil around the the head.

    Cold outside temps mean denser air & will make your warm weather just right tune lean.
    You will need to richen your tune, I would give the HSN & LSN a 1/2 turn richer & then tune from there, as what you have described sounds lean to me.
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