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    New 3.3 and have issues EZ Start and motor.

    Out of the box EZ start would only turn engine over 6 or 7 revolutions and stop out of the box after charging battery 6 hours until light went green. Fuel never reached engine. Not hydro locked

    LHS said battery wasnt charged and put it on a peak charger and it would turn over after that. Also said it was hydrolocked, though fuel never made it to carb.

    Ran 1st break in tank. Refueled and went to start and problem returned, also noted a puff of smoke from start motor. Removed plug and same result, now with bigger puff from start motor.

    My need to tinker kicked in and I pulled the ez start to examine and fount the OWB gear jammed into plastic housing so tight I had to use tools to extract it. OWB was twisted in the gear, making it expand and tight against the housing.

    LHS gave me an old 2.5 ezstart and sold me a new start motor for my brand new not running truck and I took its gear and inserted my original OWB in and re assembled w new start motor. Spins freely now w same charge on wand.

    While motor was out and plug out I was suprised to fing it takes a good bit of effort to rotate past TDC.

    LHS just keeps trying to sell me new batteries, chargers and igniters stating EZ start system was "Free junk in the box".
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    FYI the engine ran great at 1/4 throttle for the 1st tank. No stalling or high temps or wierd issues.

    UPDATE: Traxxas tech said the engine was normal to have that much resistance without plug in.
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    Typically normal for the engine to be tight when new. Best to squirt a little WD-40 or after-run oil in the glow plug hole and turn the engine over to lube things up. Also helps to pre-heat the engine with a hair dryer or heat gun.
    Another tip is that you can slightly loosen the glow plug to relieve some of the compression and then tighten it when the engine is running.
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    Most won`t like what I`m going to say but, the easy start system is to me,one of the most problem matic pile of scrap metal ever produced.Learn to tune , then throw away the junk!

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