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    Gear help needed

    Stated getting parts for the Rally, no old truck to pull from so i need to start building my inventory .

    I got a great deal on a MMP SCT ESC/Motor Combo (2400kv) and ordered two 6500mAh , 55C, 2S from SPC. Next week will orders some 3S.

    So, my question is, what is a good starting point for gears, both for the 2S and 3S.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    In a post I started about 11.1 3s lipo power, heat was discussed and what gearing would be good. One user stated he had a MMP/2400 and had geared 19/54 with no heat issues. I geared to 11/54 with vxl system and 3s lipo, no heat issues yet.

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    the giant boot. Anybody?
    The 2400 suffer's from alot of cogging on 2s, they really come alive with 3s and 4s. I run 18/52 with 3s and 4s on that system.
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