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    large tires for stampede

    I was wondering if there were any 3.8 rims with an offset that would allow me to mount them on my stampede? I have two sets of stock e-revo tires, but would need rims to mount up these tires. I do believe that should work aslong as I got some 17mm hex adapters. Anyone done this before? Or is this just a pipe dream!!!

    Thanks Dan

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    Before you worry about finding the correct wheels, 6in+ tires are going to look ridiculous on the short/narrow wheelbase of the stampede. If you can get past that, then you have to deal with the amount of stress tires that size will put on the pede's drivetrain and motor.

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    ^ Agreed. Or you can use the 3.3" rim and stretch/mod 2.8" tires to fit the rim. What dose that do? Same tire diameter with a bigger rim means you get less side wall sway at speed. Its pretty nice.
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