Hey guys

Just wanted to post my Rustler conversion that i did/am in process of doing. It started as a concept and worked out so well i didn't want to stop driving it, still much more to do but i can update as i go.

I started out with a beat nitro rustler that i picked up off CL, it was my first RC in years so i knew little about it. At the time i knew i wanted a Velineon system but i couldnt pass up the deal and figured i would give nitro a try. Well much to my original thinking after a few weeks of having the nitro i still wanted a Velineon system. I'm not knocking nitro systems they are nice but i just got tired of the tinkering and tuning and lack of low end power. My 3 year old doesnt have the patience for me to tinker around and tune he just wants to watch it go!

All that said i decided to pick up a velineon system off of ebay which also came with the water proof steering servo! From there i started building, i really liked the idea of keeping all of the weight between the wheels so that is why i didnt just sell the nitro complete and buy a VXL, plus i love giving things my touch. Regardless below is what i ended up with, yes its dirty and in preliminary stages so be nice. Not sure how you guys keep your trucks so clean, makes me wonder if you drive them!!

i have a battery cage on order, along with a box for the RX, thinking about getting some RPM A-arms all the way around and when i find some more money i want to get some big bore shocks, as my true purpose for the truck is bashing/hill climbing. The spur gear is missing because that was a casualty of the last bashing. Still getting used to the power of the velineon system on 3S lipo's! Needless to say i am overly pleased with how the build has turned out so far and cant wait to find some more money to put into it!