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    Pinion and spur recommendation for MambaMonster 6900 kv motor

    Hi I am getting back into RC cars cause I got a new motor for christmas and MMP Esc, I was wondering what pinion and spur gear i should use to go fast on street but still fast off road would stock gears work if so remind me what the stock gears are for the Traxxas slash 2WD.

    ThankYou So much!

    Any Help Is Appreciated

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    Not sure what to tell you,with that much motor in a slash,no mater how you gear it,unless you turn your slipper out three turns, your going to destroy your transmission,or melt the spur which ever comes first,probably burn the slipper up,
    that's to much motor for a 4x4 slash.
    Go to youtube,punch in your motor,they set ya up,but that is a lot of motor for a slash.
    But it will go,and very fast.keep in mind that motor has a 2s max.Sorry that's not the motor i was thinking of,but it says it has a 2s max,the esc will take 3s,don't know about the motor.
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    I wouldn't be so much worried about the trans as I would the motor temps. A 6900KV motor would likely get to 200F in about 2 minutes in a Slash no matter what gearing you use. You'd burn that motor up before you blew the tranny out. A 6900KV motor is more less for light 1/10 touring cars.

    For a Slash you want to run under about 4000KV 2 or 4 pole to keep temps at a safe range. I ran a 4600KV Castle 2 pole in my Slash at one time and even that ran way too hot for my liking.

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