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    video taking 101 help

    Hey everyone i wanna start up on taking videos when i bash and race. I know there's many different types of devices like the GoPro. But 300 bucks . has anyone tried the dice camera from hobbypartz?!? It sure seems good buy pics. Just looking to for any good pointers and advice... Thank you all. Happy New Year.

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    have you considered one of the many key fob cameras you can get on ebay? The one below is $50 and you are better trying with something like that than spending on a go-pro when starting out in my opinion.

    Then there is stuff like the bullet cam pro 2 which if you shop around you should be able to find cheaper than the one below.

    If you want to do slo-mo work you will need 60fps - anything less and it will look garbage. Hope that helps somewhat.

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