I talked my wife into letting me get a Summit as long as she gets a iPad 4, well a couple of hundred dollars later I have a summit and she has her iPad 4. But what she did not know is the amount of parts I will be getting over the next few months... hahahahahahaha. All this is leading to make my summit a STUPID STRONG pulling machine. I have a ERBE and will be getting a X-01 June/July time frame and I am building a trailer for all of this right now and I want the summit to be the tow vehicle. I am keeping it brushed and I will not be going brushless (I have machines that can go fast), so I am going with a duel setup from kershaw. I swaped out the shok oil and springs to get rid of the rear end sag the truck had, and just for fun I put on some proline trenchers and I made some chains for it.