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    Air Filter 5260 Vs 5267 & single chamber vs dual chamber resonator questions

    Hey guys. I have 2 questions, one leads to the next.

    First: I use the Traxxas 5260 air filter. I asked the Local hobby shop if the 5267 will provide better air flow and notice any performance increase. They said where you will see an increase is these filters can bash for longer because it takes air from all around, but you shouldnt see an increase in the beginning. Can anyone give me some insight on this? Will you see any performance gain simply by switching to the 5267 filter setup.

    Second: I have the old single chambered blue tuned pipe. I want to upgrade to the new dual chamber chrome polished one. (Reason being I have a sirio that i love that is dual chamber and it gives me more top end but leans it out too much so I want to switch back to TRX). Will I see a top end performance increase from this pipe?

    This part is a combined question. In normal engines if you provide better airflow and better exhaust flow they work syngergistically together. Is that the case by doing this in nitro motors?

    Another question I just thought of, I see some posts about people doing header upgrades, is there really any performance to be gained out of a new header? If so can you provide an example. Much appreciated guys!

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    The older screen covered filter when it was the only option was always being upgraded to 1/8th Buggy filters or MotorSaver filters which were basically better airflowing filter, it provided better air flow... Combined with and exhaust allowing more performance as well as air flow on the other end.

    You will find the need to richen your mixtures as it will be using more fuel. More air + more fuel = more power.
    NOw as far as the DC... I use the same pipe as you, with the stock header you will see better mid to top end power but not quite as much grunt IMHO (I've tried both)...

    I'd fist try the dual stage filter, re-tune and see what you think, then make the exhaust a second step and prepare to re-tune any time you make a change to air filters or exhausts..

    BTW I use a Mugen 1/8th dal stage buggy filter and the Blue Tuned Pipe along with the older MIP header which are no longer found... The header with the Blue tuned pipe seems to be a great combo.. I have 2 setups like this I will not switch either... But that's my preference..
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    Thanks great information nitronaught. A quick question about your rig with the 1/8 scane dual stage filter, do you need any adapters to use with the trx carb? How is its clearance?

    Next up it was just a bit confusing because I don't know what is "stock" anymore. Is the new DC chrome pipe stock on the 3.3 RTR? and is that what you were indicating?

    I am very interested in a new pipe of course for performance but also for sound.

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