Hello Everyone,

I'm recently new to the hobby. I bought my Maxx about 2 months ago and have had a blast mainly doing casual bashing on the weekends. Well yesterday I had my first experience with a runaway. I try to keep fresh batteries in the Tx/Rx because everything I've read says to do so to prevent these occurrences from happening. But I guess my definition of low is different than the trucks. I did just order the Traxxas Rx hump pack so I can charge it before I go out each time.

Question #1. Is there an alarm or another optional failsafe I can get for the 2.4 ghz Tx/Rx to warn me when my Rx batteries voltage gets too low?

Question #2. Why does the truck go wot when the Rx battery gets low instead of braking.

Any light that can be shed on either of these two questions will be very much appreciated, and I thank you ahead of time for taking the time to help out.