Hello, I just bought a revo brushless 1/10 with mamba monster Esc. It comes with two stock nimh battery and I bough two 3s lipo of 5000mah.
I read the manual and I'm not sure what is the setup for running lipo. The Esc manual mention that the Esc is configured low voltage detection default, so if I want to run with lipos I just have to put them and turn on the Esc? It does some beep noises is that normal?
I own a 1/16 revo and I know that of I want to use nimh batteries I have to disable the low voltage detection and on lipo turn it on.
With the big revo is the same? Do I have to turn on or off the low voltage detection? Or plug nimh or lipo and turn it on without change any set up???
Thanks! I'm really confused