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    Lipo battery question from Newbie

    Hello all I'm new to this and want to know all I can please tell me how long to charge Lipos first time
    I'm gonna need all the support I can get thanks

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    wrong section man this is nitro revo go to erevo
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    you need a lipo balance charger. do not use a timed charger to charge your lipos, you will burn your house down
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    Quote Originally Posted by rustlerrevo View Post
    wrong section man this is nitro revo go to erevo
    You are in the correct forum. MM

    charge 1 amp for every 1000 mAh
    5000 mAh = 5 amps
    8000 mAh = 8 amps

    a fully charged batt is 4.20v. Do not run a Lipo below 3.4v (jmho). Battery will heat up & shorten the life of the batt...
    each cell is 3.7 per cell, so 2s is 7.4v, 3s is 11.1v...& so on...
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