New owner of a secondhand truck ERBE. I'm not sure what pinion it has but it is running a 58t spur gear. I am running 2x2s 5000mah 30C batts from SPC. I have calibrated the esc with the tx, performed a firmware upgrade with the castlelink, verified that punch/power and all other settings are not restricted. It is running the LT rockers and springs (but I have already ordered P2 rockers). It also appears to be running t-maxx tires rather than talons. The issue is this thing will not pull the front wheels off the ground and the top speed seems less than impressive. If I were to guess, the top speed would be roughly 35mph, it gets out-ran by a stock stampede on 2s. I know the pinion gear count is critical really for you all to help me but it just seems odd that acceleration and top speed are both unimpressive. Seems like I would have one or the other. Any advice?