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    Traxxas QR1 or Helimax 1SQ

    Went to the hobby shop today to pick up a few items and asked when the new QR1's were going to be in and he said he should be getting a shipment of Traxxas QR1's and Helimax 1SQ's in this coming weekend. Now the big issue is which one to get. He said he has the 1SQ and loves it and said it was a tad bigger than the QR1 but it was minimally larger. The only draw back is that the 1SQ only comes with a USB charger and 1 battery, compared to the 2 batteries supplied with the QR1. I also like the smaller controller with the QR1 vs the huge box that comes with the 1SQ. He also said his selling price would be the same on both $99 RTF.

    Oh the choices

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    Come on man thi sis the Traxxas forum you know no one can post to get the Helimax.

    For what it is worth my son works at the LHS and they stock both and he has flown both, he came home with the QR-1 for his own collection.
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