'Evening, folks. And happy new year.

I'm looking for part numbers on the following components.

1) Orange Dakar "Hummer" body.
2) Black/Orange front/rear wheels, with or without tires (preferably without)
3) Front/Rear body posts for above body

I've been waiting this Dakar H3-style body for the Slash since I first picked up my 1st generation Slash years and years ago. I've gone on to upgrade my Slash and it's easily my favorite rig, and I want this body/set, but I'm not forking out $300 for a new rig just for a body/posts/wheels..

So, I'd like to just get the body as a replacement part (hopefully with stickers not applied/on a sheet?), along with the matching wheels and body posts.

Are these available as replacement parts yet? LHS looked at me like I was crazy..