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    Thumbs down TQi: "Five" channels that can't be mixed :(

    It's hard to believe... but it seems to be true.

    After searching a lot on Google I couldn't find any information about how a transmitter with 5 channels (4 in fact and 2 are useless) and fancy telemetry features, including an iStuff's link, could have its channels mixed.

    I was just willing to use my TQi in my eBuggy with mechanical brake setup. For this purpose, it would be handy have channels 2 (throttle/esc) and 3 (brake/servo) mixed so as both would reply for the trigger commands. I know it could be worked out using a Y-cable joining my esc and servo brakes into the same channel 2 (they should work in reverse response to the trigger, of course), but even my cheap chinese radio has such a basic feature but TQi not

    BTW, I have no idea how nitro Traxxas cars break. I've tried to understand from Traxxas manuals but I coudn't...
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    Traxxas radios are not "Computerized".
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Is there a question in there somewhere? Or did you just want to complain that a Traxxas product doesn't do what it never claimed to do? Feel free to repost in the correct subforum(s), but you can leave out the drama and the banned product lines.
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