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    New to forum, new to Traxxas and new to RC

    Hey all.
    Name is Nino.
    Got my very 1st Rc car back in 1985 Tamiya Hornet (was 5 at the time).
    That worked well for many years until it didnt go any more approx 5 years later.
    Havent had an RC anything since.
    Xmas eve this year i got an RC Bike SR4. Was fun but missing something in the enjoyment side of things.
    NYE day i got an E-Revo brushless... The fun began.
    Was running fairly well on the stock batteries but wanted more kick so i got The LiPo's
    WoW what a difference.

    1st run with lipos only lasted 15mins cause it chewed up the spur gear from the center..
    I have had a crash course in repairs.. that crap melted all over the clutch.. took a while but i scraped it all
    out and put in a new gear.

    Has this happened to you guys ?
    What was the cause ?
    Is it a regular problem ?
    Should i swap it out for an alloy / aluminum part ?

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    you have to make sure that your slipper clutch isnt too tight or it will melt the spur gear like that. what kind of lipo batteries are you running?
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    HOLY LOOSE SLIPPER!!! tighten that up and there will be no problems, you will gain usable power too since it is not be wasted as heat from the slipper. stay with plastic gears, it gives a cheap weak point if something goes wrong.
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    thanx... at least it was a cheap fix.. only $5..
    I was thinking of getting new body style/shape 4 my car.
    where do i look ? how do i know if it will fit ?

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    Did you break in the clutch and then readjust?looks like it was too loose and slipped creating heat

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    Nino Welcome to the forum. You can start by looking at Proline bodies for the E-revo. Just type in E-revo Bodys into any search engine and see what is out there. There is a guy that does custom paint jobs for Rc Cars on Ebay and he has some serious skills. His ebay user name is zielkeracing check him out. But keep in mind custom bodies are for the shelf and use the stock body to drive with. One wreak with the high speed run of a E-REVO can ruin a custom body.
    And I agree with the rest of the guys about your Clutch being loose. Tighten it all the way down then back off a 1/4 turn. Use the "s" shaped wrench in the tool kit. Also be sure to set the mesh between the Pinion on the Motor and the SPur gear using a piece of paper to start with. some here do a feel mesh but that is an advanced technique to learn.
    And dont buy the aloy spur gears. Because if you do you will end up going into the tranny to fix stuff. You may want to check your differentials to see if you need to shim them up. Many of us here have found this nessary for the new E-revo's right out of the box.
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    cheers for that. i downloaded a manual and read through it before installing new gear.
    tightened up the nut and let it off half a turn.
    as for the diff's.. havent looked into that but i will now.
    i ordered a couple of bodies of ebay. just cheap ones (mainly drift racing bodies). a few holes in the right place, scissors here or there should see the body go on.
    Got some bigger rims and tyres, wheelie bar and telemetry on it way as well...

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    1st welcome to the forum.i had the same exact thing happen to me but it also took out my motor.tighten slipper all the way and back off a 1/4 turn never had a problem since.and castle was great and replaced the motor.have fun

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    Welcome to the denewboobafacation...more to come........

    Slipper Clutch Break-In
    The E-Revo Brushless Edition’s slipper clutch requires a break-in procedure
    to ensure consistent operation with the extremely high power output of
    the included Castle Creations Mamba Monster brushless motor system. The
    slipper clutch has been adjusted to the correct initial setting for break-in.
    Follow these steps to ensure maximum performance and life from your
    slipper clutch:
    1. Make your first runs with the model using the stock gearing and 6- or
    7-cell NiMH packs, or 2S LiPo packs.
    2. Drive normally. The slipper clutch should slip momentarily when
    accelerating aggressively on high-traction surfaces (you will hear a
    whirring sound when the slipper clutch allows the spur gear to slip).
    3. If excessive slippage is noticed (slipping that lasts for more than 3
    seconds under hard acceleration), or the slipper clutch slips anytime
    the throttle is applied at any lever, stop driving immediately. Let the
    slipper clutch cool for 10-15 minutes. When the clutch is cool, test-drive
    the vehicle again. If you still experience excessive slippage, allow the
    slipper to cool once more, then tighten the slipper nut turn (turn the
    nut clockwise) and repeat the break-in process. Do not adjust the slipper
    clutch before it has cooled.
    4. Continue to run the vehicle and monitor slipper clutch performance as
    noted above, and readjust if necessary. When the run is complete, the
    slipper should be fully broken in.
    After break-in, the slipper clutch is ready for any type of driving, with any
    batteries up to 6S Lipo. Set the slipper clutch so it only slips for a moment
    (if at all) under hard acceleration in high-traction conditions. If excessive
    slippage is noticed, stop driving immediately. Continuing to drive with a
    loose slipper will cause damage to the slipper unit. You must let the slipper
    cool down to ambient temperature before tightening the slipper nut and
    resuming driving.
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