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    Ever had a deformed prop?

    Hi All,

    Has anyone had a deformed prop?

    I took my Spartan out the other day for a run. The conditions where calm with a few (but not many, just enough to add some fun), waves (about 2-4inches high). I went through to sets of Gens Ace 11.1v 500mah Lipo's (no heat problems since I added the rudder with dual pick up).

    At the end of the session, I found the prop a bit loose. I had a look, the Bullet nut was still tights as, but the Prather 220 prop had opened up where the Drive Dog sits in. Has anyone had this happen?

    Greatly disappointed.


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    Check the tightness of your drive dog or better take of the pin bolt then put a blue loctite, I use a lot of props but didn't encounter this problem.
    BTW check also your strut if it's centered with the drive line there might be a binding or something touching, there should be a washer between the drive dog & strut.
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