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    Hey guys, nice to meet you all,

    I am about to purchase an e-maxx brushless edition (3908) for myself however I am completely new to the hobby and have a lot of questions on which I hope you guys can help me. I am starting off fresh and have no knowledge on these cars and their parts. Yes, I no I can research everything, which I have been doing, however it has become very time consuming and a lot of the threads don't fully answer my questions. I've always wanted the e-maxx and have had several smaller cars when I was younger however I finally have the money to get the big toy.

    I hear lot's about how these trucks out of the box are very weak and can't handle a lot of bashing, and a lot of people on this forum recommend getting after market parts, rpm arms? servos? among many others.. However I have no idea what these are so I was wondering if someone could explain these to me. Please feel free to explain other parts of the truck as well.

    Also, the batteries that come out of the box only last 10-15 minutes if I am correct and take all night to charge? So whats the best batteries out their that help the truck (1. Last longer (30-45 min battery life), 2. Go faster (it says the truck may go up to 65 mph, however, how do you get it to that speed, are their certain lipo's that can do this? Also do all and any kind of lipo's work on this truck or do other changes need to be made as well to suit the new batteries. What kind of lipo's are the best for this truck?

    My last question is that I've noticed that the current edition has been out for some time now. Are their any rumors of a new edition of the e-maxx brushless coming out as it would suck to spend $800-$1000+ on a truck and see a newer edition come out just a few months after.

    Thanks for your guys help, as you can tell i'm very new to all of this. If there are already threads/videos out their that answer these questions I would love if people posted them so I can take a look. I look forward to sharing pictures and videos with you all when I get the truck hopefully in a month or so.

    Thanks for your guys time, take care.

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    Welcome. Think we probably all been in your position at one time with a million questions. As you say there are a lot of Build Threads out there and heaps of advice and options. Having come through as a Rookie with the same questions as you, I would take it slow and get the truck first, use it a bit for what you are planning to use it for and you will very quickly start to understand what you need to improve on to get the most out of your truck for what you use it for. People use their trucks for different purposes so someone who only uses theirs in the street will tell you one thing while someone who is trying to make it fly will tell you another. Both will be right, they just have different expectations from their truck.

    As far as batteries go, most people I would say are using LiPo batteries. Either 2s (2 cell) or 3s (3 cell). To go 65mph you will need 3s batts (and some gearing mods). A lot of people prefer 2s as running your truck on 3s gets interesting and can get expensive. Like I said before, you need to figure out what you want/need from your truck and take it from there.
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    Thanks for getting back. Your right with that one, I have way too many questions.

    That's what I was planning to do, just take it easy for the first little bit, I mainly want to just race around with the truck and eventually would like to do some jumps with it since their is a track close by to where I live. I'm sure i'll learn lots on the way.

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    Biggest weak spot is the diffs then the body mount then the bulkheads

    I shimmed my diffs and now have some big trenchers on it and put it through some hard bashing and it held up pretty good
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