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    Diff fluid question

    Ok my hubby is helping me rebuild my rally car and I want to shim the diffs and refill them with some diff fluid but I am unsure s to wht weight I should use in the fron and rear. Any help would be apreciated. I mostly use the car for speed runs and sometime attempt a little drifting. Should I also refill the center one or is it not refillable? Thanks for any help. Wnna suprise the hubby and go to the hobby shop and have all the stuff there when he gets home.

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    50,000 wt is stock front
    30,000 wt is stock rear

    Stock has no center diff fluid, unless you got the optional center diff than that would be 50,000 wt

    It's personal preference on vicousity thickness.
    If your happy with it now then stay the same or just get 50,000 wt for front n rear

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