Hi all, I wanted to share with you a project I just finished. I decided to install the Losi ROSS unit on my Revo 3.3 It was pretty easy, the existing EZ start wires match up exactly with the Ross system. It consists of the following:

-Losi Ross unit
-4th channel mod on stock 3-channel tq radio
-momentary switch to activate the remote start
-small 2-cell lipo to power it. 1300mah. (The stock Revo battery would not be powerful enough)
about $35 total.

Small very light weight lipo:

The Ross unit fits nicely next to the stock receiver. Also very light weight.

I just finished testing it and it works perfect! I did about 8 starts with it and the lipo still had about 4.13v per cell. It does add some minimal weight to the truck but I only bash it so its ok. I like that I get to keep the reverse. The remote start is so convenient, the engine stalled on me about 40 feet away but it only took the push of a button to start it back up. Sweet!