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    Integy Rear Hub carrier Problem!

    Hello everyone I just recieved my new aluminum Carriers in the mail today. When I tried to install them the
    Suspension pin did not want to go into the holes where it cam out of the stock one. It also seems to be longer so there would be no way to reinstall the 4x4 BCS. Any Ideas or is there a nother suspension pin I need to buy for that Integy Carrier?

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    Post pics?

    Also, if you have LHS near by, drop in and ask them if they have some parts to help.
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    I had nothing but BAD exp. on Integy! Avoid it.
    go TRX brand option parts!
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    I got the same ones, same problem. Because I messed with them, Integy wouldn't take them back. I bought traxxas ones, fit like a champ.

    I've had lots of problems with Integy parts fitting correctly on the Jato.

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