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    Flying a Quad vs a Heli

    I have been flying heli for a while and I have found that if you have a heli going forward and you give it rudder to lets say turn to the left the heli will basically go left and if you keep turning left you will do a circle around the room.

    I find with the QR-1 and I assume all quads.... When you give it rudder your momentum going forward continues much more then with a heli and you really don't find yourself in a slight banked circle around the room as you do with a heli.

    I am thinking this is partly to do with the fact that the side profile of the heli provides more wind resistance and this tends to kill the slide and you tend to move more forward then continuing on the initial direction.

    I would like to know what other think... who may have had more heli and less quad experience like me.

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    Pendulum effect on the heli that the quad doesn't have nearly as much of, more weight and leverage under the heli blades whereas the weight on the quad is much closer to the rotors. Add some aileron with the elevator when you turn to counter the drift on the QR

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    I've noticed when I flew a heli I turned it more with the left stick witht he quad I do it more with the right stick.
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