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    EZ-Peak 4amp for Series 1 nimh?

    I have a 1/16 e-revo with a couple of series-1 1200 mah nihm batteries. I'm looking for a better charger than the included trickle/overnight charger.

    From what I've read here and on other sites, my best balance between speedy charge times and long pack life will occur if I charge at 1 amp, which should take about about 1 hour per pack. All good so far.

    My local shop has a Traxxas AC only EZ-Peak 4-amp charger on sale right now. The issue is it's part number 2931, and I can't find any information or instructions online for this charger! Although apparently this charger can be set for 1, 2 or 4 amp charging, so it sounds like it should be good for the series-1 packs.

    Anyone else have this "mystery" EZ-Peak charger and can comment? Or can you recommend another suitable charger?

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    I have the easy peak 4-amp 2930 and I love it - great for my 1/16 batteries!

    Here is some info on the 2931...

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