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    Custom setup sheets for Traxxas Bandit / Rustler

    I've seen sheets for Slashes, but never for Bandit or Rustlers? Anyone create their own?

    I've recently changed front tyres (following what the fast guys at the track do) which left my setup in flux for a few races. I thought that having setup sheets might make the job of setting the car up easier as I can archive the changes and results, specially if I race at different tracks.

    Anyway, this is what I came up with:

    OK, now that I am finished sadly I didn't leave enough room for a "notes" section, but given that they are for personal use I could do that separately.

    I guess I just wanted to know your thoughts, and if I had missed anything absolutely crucial.

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    Looks really good! As you pointed out, a spot for notes and maybe individual lap times might come in handy. I had thought about doing something similar for speed runs but habent gotten around to actually making anything.

    Of course, if you are printing these out you can always add notes and stuff on the back.

    Hope it helps ya out!

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