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    Will the X0-1 become a collectable R/C?

    Will the X0-1 become a collectable R/C that goes up in value if it remains NIB?

    I am planning to buy one as a collectable, along with the Traxxas Funny Car. I already have the Traxxas Slash NIB and the Traxxas Fiero NIB. So those two would make that collect to four items. I like what Traxxas is doing these days as they are clearly the successors of Latrax, which might have been the name that would have originally take the place of Traxxas if the company wasn't sold in 1980.

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    I've actually been kicking that idea around also. Just don't have one NIB. If you do i'd take them lipo batteries out at least so one doesn't blow up or leak and wreck everything else in the box.

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    not sure sooner or later the competition gotta come out with somthing similar I would think , you can get these for $900 even cheaper if you shop around thats almost couple hundred less then what I paid for a yr ago .

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