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    Joined the rally family today! Couple of questions

    So I got my rally in today from the classified section. Extremely satisfied with this little car. What would be some good upgrades to start out with? Been reading up on the forums about it. Whats the best setup for speed runs? Everything is stock for now. Gonna grab a couple of 2s lipos. Whats the best mah and burst for it? What kind of top speed should I expect from the 2s? Thanks

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    Here is a speed calculator.

    SPC makes a great 2500mAh 2S pack. It is the largest I have seen for this platform.

    The first thing I would do it make sure the caster/camber/toe is set up properly... which is slightly different according to your tastes. Setting those up to your liking will make the Rally handle totally different... in a good way. lol
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Welcome to the family!!!
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