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    Looking into the mustang

    I am looking at getting a 1/16 mustang. I've always been a mustang guy and am finally thinking about adding one to my collection. I want something that I can run in the garage or something on those days I cant go out with my pede. Are the brushless and brushed versions the same nechanically, just different electronics? I have a slash vxl that just sits here and would want to swapped its electronics onto the mustang. I know that'll take some work and ingenuity, but seeing as how I cant work right now, I have nothing but time on my hands when the kids are in school, lol.
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    Hello, Whatever way you go with the electronics/mechanicals will be fine. Just get some different tires. You won't enjoy it slipping/spinning around. My 2cents worth! I enjoy driving mine, at speed, and it's better to have tires that grip instead of slip!

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    Brushed has a 540/550 motor mount and a hole for the antenna in the body.
    Brushless has a 389 motor mount.

    Other than the above and electronics, all is the exact same.
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