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    Reputable brands / sellers?


    Having been out of the R/C "game" for roughly a decade.... I am struggling at determining which parts I should research and/or not research.

    Much like building a "real" car.... if you are not familiar with aftermarket parts suppliers, most will gravitate to what they can find on eBay for cheap...... which is "sometimes" okay... but most times, you end up with what you pay for. If you don't know any better, you could also pay WAY too much by "assuming" that the most expensive is the best... and that is just as bad in my eyes.

    My alternative thus far... has been to buy all "Traxxas" brand parts.... but that only goes so far.

    Is there a "list" of reputable R/C parts suppliers somewhere I can use as a guide? Not for anything specific really..... just reputable suppliers with good reputations that sell a wide variety of everything.

    For instance, I'm looking at wheels and tires. No big deal. I can buy a set for about $6 on eBay. I can also buy a set for about $60. They look the same to me because I'm ignorant when it comes to reputable companies. Perhaps if I had a list of reputable companies to shop for, I could narrow down my 10,000 item list to a couple hundred. Make sense?

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    just to mention a few, kings heads, rpm, hot racing ;proline jconcepts,casle creation, spc, strc, these are all good you will here lots of people talk about these #1 to stay away from integy thats my opinion and every one has one lol and of course traxxas parts are awsome
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    I'd add AKA, T-Bone, Toadzrc and amain to the list.

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