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    Revo axel dilema!

    I recently purchased a used revo that needed some work. It had no axels in the front. It has a 3.3 engine. I ordered a set of axels for a Nitro revo 3.3. When I recieved them they were larger in diameter, about 3/8" longer and the shaft that goes through the wheel bearings is about 3/16" to short. Are there early and late model revo's? Does anyone have any ideas?


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    All the Revo axles should be the same. Only Revo platform that got fifferent axles I believe was the Traxxas Summit.
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    Post a pick it sounds like it may have T-Maxx axles on it or it is not a Revo maybe an older T-Maxx because those had smaller axles on them.
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    Make sure that the bearings are fully seated in the axle carriers and that the axle is completely seated too.
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