Hey All,

New to this hobby and pretty stoked about it. I totally jumped in with both feet. Bought the 2 kids,myself and the wife a new Trxs truck each for Christmas. So much for staying on budget !!!!

Anyhow I bought the Pede 4x4. ( Great truck out of the box ) I just have a couple questions. As I will be doing 99% of the maintenance on the RC trucks any tips on general care for them. example.... cleaning, types of grease , things to watch for, things I will need right away etc etc. I have already bought 2 extra faster battery chargers. one does both Lipo and Nimh. I have aslo purchased extra batteries for all trucks.

As for the Pede 4x4 what would be the best 2 or 3 easy upgrades that won't break the bank? and what exactly do they improve? I will be getting the Outwears cover soon I hope.

Thanks for any help.